Beneo invests $55.5 mn to expand production site in Chile

Beneo is investing €50 million ($55.5 million) to expand the production of chicory root fibre at its factory in Chile, as it aims to meet the increasing demand for ingredients which support digestive health. According to Beneo, the €50 million investment project will expand production of chicory root fibre at the site in Pemuco, Chile by 20%, and the company anticipates that the expansion project will be completed by 2022.

Chilean fruit exports to US declined 10% in 2019

Chilean fruit exports to the US reached $929 million, a drop of 10% compared to 2018. According to historical data from the USDA, Chilean fruit in the destination market has consistently come to be over a billion dollars, so the decrease marks the first time it has been lower than a billion in five years.

Norwegian Pension Fund, with $800 million invested in Chile, will increase environmental requirements

The Norwegian Pension Fund, considered the world's largest sovereign wealth fund and which, according to its report, invests around US$ 800 million in Chilean companies, has announced that it will ask the companies in which it invests to regularly report more information - quantitative and standardized - on their environmental, social and governance policies.