Chile’s blueberry exports drop 1.5%

During the 2019/2020 season, Chile exported 109,291 tons of blueberries, 1.5% less than the previous season. According to the Chilean Exporters' Association, the season was similar to the previous year, despite the social crisis unleashed in October, but due to the Coronavirus outbreak in China, the market in that country was paralysed for at least 3 weeks.

Some Asia Nations, Canada, Chile Pledge to Protect Supply Chains

A group of Asia-Pacific countries, Canada and Chile pledged to do what they can to uphold open and connected supply chains as the coronavirus pandemic threatens to tip the global economy into recession. The group agreed not to impose export controls or tariffs and non-tariff barriers on goods. It also affirmed the importance of removing any existing trade restrictive measures on essential products, such as medical supplies.

Retail Sales rebounded 2% in February

After the impact of the social protests in October, retail sales rebounded in February, breaking a five-month losing streak that had seen historic declines. According to Chile's National Chamber of Commerce (CNC), face-to-face retail sales increased by 2.9% in February.

Chile will maintain current export conditions with the UK after “Brexit”

According to ProChile's Commercial Director in the UK, Ignacio Fernández, the bilateral association agreement with the UK, was approved by the Chilean Senate in 2019. The agreement between Chile and the UK will be implemented once the latter definitely leave the EU. In the financial year 2018-2019, the UK was the second largest trading partner in Europe, in terms of exports of fresh fruit.

CGE will allow 680,000 vulnerable customers to defer payments

The electric company CGE announced new measures to help vulnerable customers overcome the coronavirus pandemic. They explained that the support is directed to approximately "680,000 of the most vulnerable families and of smaller consumption, who will be able to request the deferral of the payments that are issued during the next 3 months so that these payments are included in the next 12 months".