Measures to mitigate the impact of Coronavirus amount to $16.8bn

The Government measures to combat the economic impact of the Covid-19 crisis totalled $16.8 billion. From that amount, $7.4 billion (about 3.0% of GDP) represent a direct fiscal cost to the Treasury. The remaining $9.4 billion comes in the form of government liquidity guarantees, which could have a fiscal cost if triggered, and advanced tax refunds. The government estimates the fiscal deficit will be near 8.0% of GDP this year, significantly larger than 2019’s 2.8% of GDP.

Government issues protocol to get trade going again in Chile

The Chamber of Shopping Centres, the Association of Supermarkets and the National Chamber of Commerce signed the protocol drawn up by the Government to reopen the premises in the midst of the health emergency caused by covid-19. It is a manual of good practices to better safeguard the health of consumers and workers and to collaborate with retailers throughout the country in its operation.

Downloads of Chilean apps on tourism and cuisine are booming amidst COVID-19

Where social confinement measures have forced many Chileans to stay at home due to COVID-19, mobile applications for tourism and virtual cuisine downloads have skyrocketed. The Chilean Government promotes some of these apps. Between February-April 2020, the following apps have increased downloads: Chile 360 ​​° by 741%, Chile Mobile Observatory (CMO)'s by 290%, Recipes from Chile's by 631% and Chile Sandwiches by 290%.