Chilean dessert grape exports to Europe and Russia grow by 10%

By week 15 of 2020, Chile had exported 551,459 tonnes of dessert grapes on an estimated 618,590 tonnes for this season, according to Decofrut. According to statistics from ASOEX that week, Chilean fresh grape exports were down 6.4% compared to the same period in 2018-2019. Despite the general fall, the increase registered in the European and Russian markets, with increases exceeding 10% and the reception of 74,990 tons of fresh grapes from Chile and 9,792 tons, respectively, is striking.

Abengoa will build two electrical plants in Chile

Abengoa has been selected by AES Gener to build two electrical plants in Chile. Abengoa will build Los Olmos and Mesamávida electrical substations. Thus, Abengoa strengthens its presence in the energy transmission sector in Chile, where it has built more than 3,000 km of lines and more than 40 substations.

ENAP estimates that gasoline prices could continue to fall in Chile

ENAP analysed the day without precedents that the WTI crude market recorded, whose barrel traded in negative territory after falling more than 300%. According to ENAP, due to the fall in the international price of crude and reduction in demand, there had been reductions in the price of petrol for for twelve consecutive weeks. If these conditions are maintained, further decreases in the price can be expected.