Prat & Cía: A New Chilean Law Firm Takes Flight

A new transport, tourism, hospitality and travel industries boutique law firm recently opened its doors in Chile under the name Prat & Cía. Founded by Francisco Prat, the firm’s team includes associates Víctor Briceño and Isidora Casas del Valle. Prat has extensive experience in regulatory, finance and contentious matters related to the aviation industry.

G-Core Labs Launches New PoP In Chile Data Centre

Cloud and edge solutions provider G-Core Labs is expanding its presence in South America by opening a new PoP of its content delivery network in Santiago. According to G-Core Labs Vice President of Products Dmitry Samoshkin, the company is looking to start its expansion in Chile because it has more than 15 million people (82.3% of the country's population) using internet on a regular basis.