Eclac: Economic recovery in Latin America must aim at “greater social protection”

The latest report from Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (Eclac) indicates that 2020 will have the worst economic decline in Latin America and the Caribbean since 1930. With an estimated drop in regional GDP of -5.3%, this will directly increase the unemployment rate by at least 3.4 percentage points, reaching 11.5%. The UN body assures that "the dilemma between health and economy is only going to be solved with greater social protection".

Isapre women’s plans drop more than 50% after ending gender discrimination

Since last month women who changed their plans, or entered the system, saw a drop in the prices charged by insurers. An analysis from Isapre shows that Nueva Masvida shows a 64% drop in the plan for 30-year-old women, from $ 131,720 to $ 48,044. In the case of Colmena, the drop was 61%, in Banmédica it fell 53%, in Vida Tres 51%, Cruz Blanca registered a drop of 48%, and Consalud 42%.

CPS launches Santiago office to service Latin American market

CPS Conveyors has launched its new sales office in Santiago, Chile. The Santiago office will service key clients in the Latin American region including BHP, Codelco, Anglo American, Antofagasta Minerals and FQM Minera Panama. CPS will be focusing on introducing their innovative products and new-tomarket technology into the Latin American market.

LATAM multiplies cargo capacity between Santiago and Miami by five

LATAM Cargo Group has multiplied the cargo capacity between Santiago and Miami by five, going from 6 to 31 weekly frequencies in order to offer salmon exporters a robust solution. The company also launched the Santiago - Los Angeles route for cargo transportation. Moreover, the Mexico City - Lima - Santiago route was added, benefitting the transportation of technology products, spare parts and health-oriented items to South America.