Chile’s renewables generated 1,168 GWh of power in June

Chile’s renewables generated 1,168 GWh of power in June, which amounted to 18.2% of the country's total monthly production, according to the latest report by the Chilean national energy commission (CNE). The renewable energy plants, excluding large hydro, increased their output by 3.6% year-on-year and by 2.8% compared to May. Their share in the total improved from 17.7% where it stood a month back. Total installed renewable energy capacity climbed to 5,901 MW in June from 5,675 MW tallied a month earlier. It now represents 24.0% of the total installed capacity in Chile.

Chilean minister says future hydrogen industry to rival copper

Chile could one day be exporting as much green hydrogen as it does minerals, according to Energy minister Juan Carlos Jobet. Speaking during a webinar, Jobet said that by harnessing renewable energy Chile could be producing 25 million mt/year of green hydrogen by 2050, generating exports worth more than $30 billion. The figures are from a report by management consultants McKinsey. "This is the equivalent to the whole copper industry, which is today 10% of GDP and half of our exports," Jobet said.

Chile picks Japan’s trans-Pacific cable route

Chile has chosen a route proposed by Japan for the first fiber-optic cable to directly connect South America and the Asia-Pacific region, designating Australia and New Zealand as endpoints while stopping short of landing in China. Under the Japanese proposal, the undersea fiber-optic cable would stretch roughly 13,000 km across the Pacific Ocean, pass through New Zealand then arrive at its terminus in Sydney. The Chilean government says this route is recommended the most based on cost and feasibility.

Codelco unions federation rejects privatization proposal

Workers at state-owned Chilean copper mine, Codelco, have rejected a suggestion by a coalition partner of President Piñera that the company be sold off to fund the response to the pandemic. An internal document attributed to the far-right Independent Democratic Union (UDI) party and leaked to Chilean media suggested the privatization among a series of measures to raise money for the fiscus. However the Federation of Copper Workers (FTC), which groups together unions of the world’s largest copper miner, firmly rejected the measure.

ACCJ to take legal action after SCJ announces bidding process for operating permits of casinos

The Superintendency of Gambling Casinos (SCJ) reported that it will begin a bidding process for the granting or renewal of operating permits for 12 gambling casinos, which will be available in various regions as of July 2023. In the opinion of the current operators, this would not be recognizing the preferential right to renew the permits for another 15 years. Thus, the Chilean Association of Gambling Casinos (ACCJ) announced that it will initiate legal actions against the State before international courts to defend their rights.