INE projects a decline between -17% and -15% for June Imacec

The INE reported that the June Industrial Production Index (IPI) decreased 2.6% in twelve months, due to negative incidents in the manufacturing sectors (-8.3%) and the electricity, gas and water index (-0.8%), while mining managed to lessen the blow, rising 2.9%. The sectoral data allows the INE to estimate that the June Imacec could show a decline of between -17% and -15%.

Chilean regulators scrap lithium miner SQM’s environmental plan

Chilean regulators have rejected lithium producer SQM’s $25 million environmental compliance plan for the Atacama salt flat, requesting the miner to start again from scratch, a filing showed. Chile’s Environmental Superintendent (SMA) initially approved SQM’s compliance plan early in 2019 after a multi-year investigation found the miner had overdrawn lithium-rich brine from the salt flat. However, the regulator said that it would begin the process anew to comply with a decision of a regional environmental court in December which invalidated SQM's plan, calling it “insufficient.”

SMA charges Escondida for drawing more water than allowed

Chilean authorities are cracking down on water use by mines in the driest desert on earth, threatening future supply in the top copper-producing nation. Chile’s environmental agency, SMA, charged BHP Group’s Escondida for allegedly drawing more water than allowed which could result in the loss of its permit, closure or a fine. Just to the south, state-owned Codelco has suspended a planned expansion of its Salvador mine until it can resolve a suit filed by the State Defense Council against the project’s proposed use of water.

Around 6 million Chileans have requested to withdraw 10% of their pension funds

Million of Chileans are dipping into their pension funds as a new law took effect allowing citizens to withdraw a portion of their retirement savings to help ease the economic pain brought by COVID-19. The general manager of the Association of AFPs, Fernando Larraín, said that " until today approximately 6 million people affiliated with and affiliated to the pension system have agreed to requests to withdraw 10% of their pension fund."

First shipment of Chilean navel oranges arrives at Jiangnan Market

Produce Report has learned that the first ever shipment of Chilean navel oranges recently arrived at Guangzhou’s Jiangnan Fruit and Vegetable Wholesale Market. This batch of oranges was imported by Shenzhen Yi Guo Agriculture Products Co. Ltd. and follows on from the first ever shipment of Chilean lemons and clementines, which reached Shanghai on June 29.