Chile announces a mega-plan for investment in public works for $34 bn

The Chilean Government announced a mega-plan for investment in public works for $34,000 million until 2022, which includes 2,544 infrastructure projects and seeks to boost the country's economy. Of the total amount, $24,521 million are incentives for private investment and $9,360 million will be provided by the Ministry of Works, according to the Chilean President. Piñera stated, "The main objective of this plan is to contribute to recovering the 1.8 million jobs we have lost and the 700,000 that are suspended by reactivating our economy".

Enel Green Power secures public land to develop two solar projects for 750 MW

Enel Green Power Chile has been awarded land concessions to develop two solar projects totalling around 750 MW in the Chilean region of Antofagasta. According to the company, 2 of 16 pieces of land that were put up for concession in a tender process organised by the Chilean ministry of national assets. The ministry offered public land in Tarapaca, Atacama and Antofagasta for renewable energy projects in the second call for tenders. The company will use its 1,585 hectares in Antofagasta to build two solar plants.

Chile launches $300,000 campaign to boost exports to US, Brazil and China

ProChile, together with the country's main export guilds and Fundación Imagen de Chile, launched a $300,000 international campaign to boost exports amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. This initiative will focus on US, Brazil and China, which are Chile's top markets. The campaign aims to continue to push the development of foreign trade, which is equivalent to 56% of national GDP and generates around 3 million jobs.

Indigenous groups in Chile’s Atacama push to see SQM’s operations shut down

Indigenous groups in Chile's lithium-rich Atacama salt flat said that they will push to see SQM's environmental permits revoked and its operations shut down. The Atacama Indigenous Council, in 2019, filed a lawsuit demanding regulators scrap a $25 million remediation plan developed by SQM after officials charged the miner with over-pumping lithium-rich brine from the salt flat. The indigenous groups won but the regulators appealed and defended the SQM plan to Chile's Supreme Court. However, the regulators suddenly pulled out of the legal battle, forcing SQM to start again from scratch on a new plan.

Chilean Government signs protocol to deliver a $438.8 bond to transporters

The Ministers of Finance, Transportation and Social Development all signed a protocol to deliver direct economic aid to the transporters in Chile. The agreement with the representatives of the sector consists of the delivery of a one-time bond of CH$350,000 ($438.8) and the possibility of accessing an exclusive emergency loan of CH$320,500 ($401.8), which can be requested up to three times.