Construction workers will be able to travel from quarantined areas to more advanced regions

The Minister of Economy, Lucas Palacios, reported that the Government will allow construction workers who live in quarantined communes to move to areas that are more advanced in the reactivation plan, with strict sanitary measures. The government will gradually scale up this pilot plan, so that people in the construction sector can go back to work. Palacio emphasized that "the construction sector has an infection rate of 3 out of 1,000, which is six times less than the rest of the country."

MOP announces calls for 150 bids for more than $150bn

Alfredo Moreno, Minister of Public Works, presented an update regarding the Chilean recovery plan promoted by the Government. Moreno said that calls of 150 bids for more than $150 billion have been made. He estimates that these calls alone could produce more than 10,000 new jobs. He also annouced that the call for bids for the Bio Bio hospital network have been made. There are four new hospitals for Nacimiento, Santa Bárbara, Coronel and Lota. There are 570 beds that will be entered into the health system with an investment of more than $300 million for that region.

Withdrawal of pension funds: A total amount of $10,524 mn has been paid

The Superintendency of Pensions (SP) released a new balance on the process of withdrawing 10% of pension funds, as a measure to face the effects of the pandemic. According to the report, a total of $10,524 million has been paid. 9,264,768 affiliates and beneficiaries have entered their withdrawal requests, which is 84% ​​of the total number of contributors registered by the pension system.

CMF prohibits the sale of 39 insurance policies due to breach of new law

The Council of the Financial Market Commission (CMF) reported that it prohibited the sale of 39 insurance policies intended to provide customers with coverage against the risk of fraud due to the misuse of cards and electronic transfers. The new Law 21.234 establishes that financial institutions will be prevented from offering insurance to cover the misuse of cards in cases of robbery, loss or for fraud in electronic transactions. The coverage must now be assumed by the financial institutions themselves.

Bío Bío is in second with the highest investment in wind energy in Chile with $1.2 bn

The Governor of the Province of Biobío, Ignacio Fica, and the Seremi de Energía, Mauricio Henríquez, reported that the Biobío region has 15 prioritized projects, 10 of them in energy matters, of which 6 are in the Province of Biobío. The Biobío region is in second with the highest investment in Wind Farms with $1.2 billion.