Tesoro Resources reports drilling goes through 231m of gold mineralisation at El Zorro

“Massive” is the word Tesoro Resources uses to describe a new drill intercept at its El Zorro project in Chile, with the drill bit striking mineralisation 72m downhole and then continuing for 231m. The overall assay for that intersection at the Ternera prospect was an average grade of 0.83 grams per tonne gold over that 231m, but seven sections within that tell the story of its significance: 54m at 1.68g/t, 25m at 3.36g/t, 6.7m at 11.57g/t, 24.3m at 2.43g/t, 13.26 at 3.25g/t, 3.66m at 10.76g/t, and 15.9m at 1.04g/t, with the last section beginning at 248m down hole.

Source: Small Caps