Montero initiates drilling at Isabella gold silver project

Montero Mining and Exploration Ltd. has initiated exploration of the Isabella gold silver project located approximately 200 km south of Santiago, in the Southern Coastal Range of Chile. The Company has tied up mineral rights to exploration claims that cover an area of 67 km2 and make up the Isabella Gold Silver Project. On August 30, 2020 Montero completed a $50,000 option payment on the Isabella East claims. No drilling has ever been carried out at Isabella.

OHL to have 300 MW renewable plants in Chile and Colombia

OHL is entering the business of promoting renewable energies. The group, led by José Antonio Fernández Gallar, has decided to include the development of its own portfolio of photovoltaic projects in its growth strategy. OHL begins this commitment to three of its strategic countries, Spain, Chile and Colombia, where there is a strong boost to renewables. A short-term goal has been set to reach 900 MW, which will provide it with a portfolio of EPC (engineering and construction) associated with projects of more than €500 million ($593 million) in the medium term.

BancoEstado is operating with almost 90% of its branches after cyber attack

After the cyber attack that affected BancoEstado, the financial institution reported that almost 90% of its branches are operational. Of the total number of branches available before the incident, 354 with cash service are currently in operation. Of the latter, 316 have an in-house customer service and 292 have a commercial customer service, which allows the bank's customers to carry out a greater number of procedures.

Chilean clementines increase by 2.5% this season

The current season of clementines in Chile is being concluded with “quite a success”, according to Juan Enrique Ortúzar, president of the Chile Citrus Committee (ASOEX). The expectation of the Chilean citrus growers was 10% higher production than the current situation, but the clementine season ended up with a 2.5% increase over the previous season. According to the Committee's data, nearly 59,000 tons of clementines were sold this season, 57% of which were shipped to the East Coast of U.S., and 43% to the West Coast.

Enlace Immobilario study: The demand for mortgage pre-approvals increases to 94%

A study by Enlace Inmobiliario reveals a historical volume of requests for pre-approval of mortgage loans in August. The study highlights the strong increase in the demand for mortgage pre-approvals to buy houses, which in August practically doubled compared to July, jumping to 94% and reaching 4,437 applications. This is due to the impact of quarantine, as well as the desire to access better spaces to live and work from home.