Government rejects second withdrawal of 10% before being considered by Congress

Next Wednesday, the project that seeks to allow affiliates to withdraw 10% of their pension funds for a second time will begin the process in Congress. This was announced by Deputy Pamela Jiles through her social networks, and the Government reiterated its rejection of the idea. According to María José Zaldívar, the Minister of Labor, the reason for this is because before "a huge number of Chileans withdrew all of their savings, therefore, a second withdrawal would not benefit all people."

Awe Sum Organics announces organic Chilean blueberries for the winter season

Awe Sum Organics Organic Green and Gold Kiwifruit announces a new crop of organic blueberries from Chile. The berries are grown in the most Northern part of Region IX, in the southern part of the Central Valley of Chile surrounded by volcanoes. The Awe Sum Organic Chilean blueberries are 100% Duke variety and are available in market from late December through early February.

UAE’s dried fruit imports from Chile grow 75% in 2019

The UAE's imports of dried fruits from Chile hiked by 75% to $43.8 million in 2019 from $25 million in 2018, according to a press release. The UAE's imports of walnuts represented 76% of the total dried fruit imports from Chile, which is the world's second-largest exporter of walnuts behind Australia with more than 111 million tonnes in 2019. Hence, Chile has announced its plans to become the UAE's exporter of choice regarding dried fruits, particularly walnuts, following the launch of a new campaign to present the quality and health benefits of the nut.

Chilean fruit industry tightens COVID-19 guidelines

Chile has reinforced coronavirus safety guidelines for the fresh produce industry by publishing an updated version of its Good Practice Manual. Asoex president, Ronald Bown, said the new measures reflect the importance of protecting the health of the workers and ensuring the continuity of food supply. Almost 100 industry professionals participated directly and indirectly in the preparation of the manual, which analysed a wide range of international standards and recommendations to ensure the best and more adequate prevention practices were developed.