Chile introduces new rules that allow energy communities

The Chilean government has published new rules for distributed generation, self-consumption solar systems which include the option of creating energy communities. The provisions, which will come into effect on November 6, will introduce the possibility of systems with a generation capacity no larger than 300 kW to supply power for multiple consumers. Such energy communities will enable users to co-ordinate a shared PV array with a single grid connection to inject surplus power back into the electricity network.

Norwegian Stratkraft plans to invest $280mn in energy projects in Chile

The Norwegian state electricity company Stratkraft plans to increase its energy production tenfold by 2026, to gain scale and improve its results. The firm currently operates a 52 megawatt hydroelectric plant on the Pilmaiquén River and has ownership interests in two other plants. It is also investing $173 million in the building of a second hydroelectric plant, Los Lagos, on the Pilmaiquén River, of little more than 50 MW; and it has three wind farms that they hope to start building next year with an investment of $180 million.

Chile announces $2 bn plan to bring back jobs lost due to COVID-19

Chilean President, Sebastián Piñera, announced a $2 billion plan to subsidize the recovery or creation of jobs lost due to the application of restrictive measures to curb the coronavirus pandemic. The government will pay up to 50%, capped at about $317, of the salaries of newly hired workers and will cover up to about $200 of the salary of employees who return to their jobs after a period of suspension.

Chile Central Bank to suspend measures to alleviate impact of pension withdrawal

Chile's central bank said it would suspend measures it had adopted to mitigate the impact of the partial withdrawal of pension funds that began in July. Policymakers had previously warned of liquidity risks and market volatility after Chile's Congress in July passed a law that allowed Chileans to withdraw 10% of their savings from Chile's private Pension Fund Administrators (AFP).

APQA approves entry of Chilean Hass avacados in South Korea

The Chilean Minister of Agriculture, Antonio Walker, announced that the South Korean health authority, the Animal and Plant Quarantine Agency (APQA), has approved the entry into that market of Chilean fresh Hass avocados. The Minister stressed that “this is very good news for our avocado producers, since we are now at a very good time of the season. A couple of steps are still needed, like sending a list of those interested in exporting avocados to South Korea, in addition to waiting 30 days for the start of shipments, but we would already be in a position to start by late October.”

Chile leads South America’s black truffle production

The Chilean black truffle, a mushroom that is highly appreciated in international cuisine and that can cost up to $700 per kilo, which is why it is known as 'black gold', grows between the regions of Maule and Ñuble, in the south of Chile. Chile produces nearly 1,200 kilos of black truffles a year, making it the leading producer in South America. Black truffles are exported to countries such as France, Italy, Japan, and England. However, truffle sales fell by as much as 50% during the months of the pandemic.