Minera Candelaria suspends operations amidst social conflict

The Minera Candelaria announced the suspension of its operations in order to ensure the safety of its workers due to "acts of violence driven by some members of the Union Mina". The event occurs in the middle of the mining company's collective bargaining process, where two of its operator unions rejected the respective offers from the company and opted to initiate a strike. "While the Mina Union began the strike on October 8, the Candelaria Union will begin its strike from October 20", according to the union.

House prices increase 51.6% in 3rd quarter

The real estate market is slowly beginning to recover after coming to a standstill due to the pandemic in Chile. According to the Housing Report for the third quarter of Portalinmobiliario, the prices for home purchases have experienced a significant recovery with an increase of 51.6% in this type of operation, compared to the previous quarter of the year.

The Escondida mine union approves the company’s latest offer and avoids strike

Supervisors at the Chilean mine Escondida approved a collective contract offer that ends the risk of a strike at the world's largest copper deposit. In a close vote following an extension of the negotiations, the proposal for the field controlled by the multinational BHP obtained 58.41% of the 719 votes cast, according to figures sent to Reuters.