Chile’s Central Bank prepares investment measures to mitigate pensions withdrawal

Chile's Central Bank said that it will intervene to mitigate a possible uptick in market volatility with a second withdrawal by citizens from their privately held pension funds. The bank said that the process would result in "an important liquidation of assets" by the Pension Fund Administrators (AFP) to comply with the payments. As a result, it said it would reopen programmess deployed during the first withdrawal from the pension funds to buy up to $16.250 billion in shares, term deposits and securities that could be offloaded by the AFPs.

Cox Energy America PV plant will have an installed power of 3 MWp

San Javier I, a new photovoltaic plant owned by Cox Energy America, will have an installed power capacity of 3 MWp. The company's new energy asset will come into operation at the end of the second half of 2021. The company has contracted the Rising Sun company for construction and for the supply of photovoltaic panels to the JA Solar firm, which will supply 5,600 modules. The transformation centers and investors will be from Sungrow.

Meat shipments to Chile increased to 18,644 tons in November

Previously, Chile bought about 6,808 tons of Paraguayan meat each month this year. However, in November meat shipments increased to 18,644 tons. The meat industry attributes this behavior to the reservations that importers from the trans-Andean country are making for the end of the year parties and for the holidays, taking advantage of the fact that prices have not yet shot up.

Hot Chili granted water permit in Chile

Copper developer Hot Chili has been granted a maritime concession to extract sea water some 60 km from its planned Costa Fuego copper/gold development, in Chile. The company said that the water rights represented a major step forward in establishing an infrastructure-ready major coastal copper development, which could leverage from a central processing and combined infrastructure approach.