Mytilineos announces Pampa Tigre project in Chile

Athens-listed Mytilineos announced two new projects in Chile and the UK. The company has landed the Pampa Tigre project near Antofagasta in Chile, for the creation of a photovoltaic park for the Mainstream Renewable Power company, to be completed next September. This is Mytilineos’ fifth solar project in Chile, evidence that it commands a strong position in the tough market of Latin America.

ESO and Microsoft will work with artificial intelligence to boost astronomy

In line with Microsoft’s recent announcements in Chile, the President of Microsoft (Brad Smith) met with an ESO delegation, headed by its Director General (Xavier Barcons), to sign a new step of their agreement that addresses to optimize and enhance the science made from ESO Paranal Observatory telescopes through Artificial Intelligence (AI). This work will be carried out by the observatory’s local engineering team, in collaboration with universities and companies in Chile to enhance the use of AI at a local level. Microsoft will donate resources from its Cloud & AI platform for the equivalent of $3 million.

Hot Chili ramps up Chilean copper production

Hot Chili has put in place an agreement to ramp up the processing of copper ores from its Productora deposit at the nearby Vallenar mill. The agreement will see the company lift production from its underground mining operations at the high-grade deposit to 180,000 tonnes per annum, a 50% increase on the current mining rate. This increase will will bring the Vallenar mill to its full operating capacity which is likely to reduce operating costs for ENAMI whilst providing an enhanced income stream for Hot Chili.

Third Confucius Institute opens in Chile

Chilean and Chinese officials inaugurated the Confucius Institute at southern Chile's La Frontera University (UFRO), the third one of its kind in the South American country. Established in conjunction with the Communication University of China (CUC), the institute aims to bring communities in this part of Chile closer to China's culture and language, and strengthen the bonds between the two nations.