Indonesia negotiating with Chile for trade access to Latin America

Indonesia and Chile began negotiations over trade services between the two countries. If completed, Indonesia could have new market access to Chile for transportation, financial, construction and professional services. The two countries also agreed to start the negotiations as part of the Indonesia-Chile Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (IC-CEPA). A joint document was agreed upon, namely the Joint Statement on the Launch of Services Trade Negotiation of the IC-CEPA.

Unacem buys Cementos La Unión in Chile for $23m

Peru-based Unión Andina de Cementos (Unacem) has signed a $23 million contract with Cementos La Unión, Aridos Jativa & Chile’s Inversiones Mel 20 Ltda for the purchase of the full stake of shares of Cementos La Unión in Chile and 100% of the social rights of Inversiones Mel 20. The contract is subject awaits approval by the Chilean National Economic Prosecutor's Office. Subject to approval, Unacem will own the 0.3Mta San Antonio plant.

February 2021 options now available for SQM

At Stock Options Channel, a put and a call contract for Sociedad Quimica y Minera de Chile (SQM) have been identified. If an investor was to sell-to-open that put contract, they are committing to purchase the stock at $40.00 but will also collect the premium, putting the cost basis of the shares at $39.10 (before broker commissions). To an investor already interested in purchasing shares of SQM, that could represent an attractive alternative to paying $47.01/share today. For the call contract, if an investor was to purchase shares of SQM stock at the current price level of $47.01/share, and then sell-to-open that call contract as a "covered call," they are committing to sell the stock at $48.00.