Central Bank Survey projects 5% increase in GDP

According to a Economic Expectations Survey (EEA) prepared by the Central Bank, Chile's GDP is expected to increase by 5% this year. This is higher than the 4.7% estimated in December. Meanwhile, by 2022, experts predict an increase of 3.2%, higher than the 3% indicated in December's survey. The Central Bank is expected to maintain the Monetary Policy Rate (MPR) at its technical minimum (0.5%) for the next 17 months. Then the MPR will be raised to 0.75% and then 23% to 1.25%.

Carsol expects a positive blueberry season, with 21.9% of the fields in Chile

General manager of CarSol Fruit SA, Álvaro Prieto, is expecting a positive blueberry season. The blueberry harvest in Ñuble began in December and will run through March. There are 4.023 hectares in the region, which represents 21.9% of the national total. According to Prieto, Asia is the market with the greatest growth potential for Chile.