Payments for first and second 10% withdrawals amount to $32.7 bn

A new balance of the first and second withdrawals from the pension funds reveals that $32.709 billion has been paid out. With regard to the first 10%, a total of 10,500,414 affiliates opted to apply for part of their pension savings, of which 97.5% have already been paid out. As for the second withdrawal, there were 7,166,708 requests, of which 95.1% have already received the corresponding amount.

Survey shows that 58.3% of Chileans feels there is lack of transparency in recruitment process

58.3% of Chileans feels that there is lack of transperency in the recruitment process, according to a study by Laborum with the Diego Portales University. Of the 1,833 responses collected, 52.2% showed that there are doubts regarding the ability of the staff in charge to accurately assess the skills required for a job. 57.7% of those consulted indicated that experts in the recruitment process do not consider exclusively the competencies and professional experiences of the applicants.

Repsol and Ibereólica Renovables ship nacelles for wind farm in Chile

Spanish energy company Repsol and Grupo Ibereólica Renovables announced the shipment of nacelles for the Cabo Leones III wind farm in Chile. The nacelles will outfit the 22 Siemens Gamesa SG 145 5MW wind turbines of the 189MW Cabo Leones III project. Located in the Chilean province of Huasco, the wind farm’s second phase will have an installed capacity of 110MW.

Mabanaft to buy 500 million litres of eFuels from Chile green hydrogen project

German energy trader Mabanaft will buy up to 500 million litres of carbon neutral eFuels from a green hydrogen production plant in Chile. A consortium of international companies are working on the pilot project, which is expected to yield the world’s first integrated, commercial industrial-scale plant for making synthetic climate-neutral fuels.

Chile’s grape volumes increase

The grape season in Chile started on time this year and due to fortunate weather conditions, the volume and quality are looking good. Chilean grape volumes have increased as well. Rio Blanco project a 10-15% increase in volume due to size recovery. However, the demand for Chilean grapes haven't been very strong. Due to the pandemic, there has been very limited availability for labor this season. 5% of the total volumes have been harvested, so far.