Santiago Stock Exchange and S&P Dow Jones launch sustainable index that includes 26 local companies

S&P Dow Jones Indices and the Santiago Stock Exchange, announced the launch of a new indicator based on sustainability factors of local market share issuers. This is the "S&P IPSA ESG Tilte", a new family index that encompasses the ESG principles (environmental, social and governance) and includes some of the most relevant papers of the Chilean stock exchange, such as Copec, Falabella, Cencosud and SQM.

Sernac: Nearly 4 million people compensated for more than $55 mn in 2020

The National Consumer Service (Sernac) revealed that nearly 4 million people were compensated with more than CH$40 billion ($55.39 million) in 2020. According to Sernac, nearly CH$30 billion ($41.55 million) was obtained as a result of collective voluntary procedures that seek to achieve compensation without having to wait for long trials. On the other hand, the institution made three compromises in 2020, achieving the historic figure of more than CH$11.39 billion ($15.77 million) in compensation.

Chile will encourage use of electric-powered taxis with Chinese participation

The Chilean government unveiled a plan to encourage transition from fossil-fuel taxis to electric-powered ones, with the participation of Chinese company BYD. The program will offer subsidies to transition from conventional to electric taxis, as well as sell and install residential electric chargers, and provide a one-year follow-up of the electric vehicles. Chile's transportation sector accounts for 36% of the country's energy consumption.

Aggreko expects to save $7.4 mn with new 25.9 MW hybrid solar-diesel system for gold mine in Chilean Andes

A 25.9 MW hybrid solar-diesel system is to be delivered by Aggreko to power a new Gold Fields gold mine high in the Chilean Andes. The system is Aggreko’s largest solar PV installation in Latin America. Once complete, the solution is expected to achieve $7.4 million in cost of energy savings over the next decade and a further $1.1 million in carbon tax offset in addition to 104,000 tonnes of carbon emissions savings.