Pampa Calichera reports $28m profit on sale of SQM shares

Pampa Calichera sold 5,000,000 series B shares of SQM for approximately $253 million, making a profit of $28 million. The firm also reported a decrease in its investment in SQM of $225 million and stated that the amounts indicated are provisional, as the final amount will be determined when it updates the valuation of the investment in the non-metallic mining company as of December 31, 2020, with the publication of SQM's financial statements.

Chile declared agricultural emergency in 10 communes in Valparaiso region

Chile declared agricultural emergency in 10 communes in the Valparaiso region to support the farmers affected by the last weather front that affected the country's south-central area. The Ministry of Agriculture has allocated $200,000 for technical, productive, agronomic, and cultural management for users of the Institute for Agricultural Development (INDAP). In addition, there is financing for the rehabilitation of damaged infrastructure, of up to 50% of productive damage, with an individual maximum limit of $500,000.

Aker to explore green hydrogen in Chile

Aker Clean Hydrogen and Mainstream Renewable Power have signed a letter of intent to explore the development of green hydrogen and low-cost ammonia production in Chile. The two companies will collaborate on developing a complete and commercially viable green value chain in Chile, using renewable power from Mainstream’s portfolio of wind and solar park projects in the country.

Salmon escapes in Chile reached 410,150 in 2020, 4,5 times larger than 2019

The number of salmon escaped from cages at Chile’s salmon farms reached 410,150 in 2020, a surge 4.8 times larger than the 85,697 escapes recorded in 2019, according to the country’s national fisheries service, Sernapesca. The government agency said that the main causes of the mass salmon escapes included adverse weather conditions, poor maintenance of farming structures, problems associated with handling, vessel crashes, theft at farming centers, and natural predatory action.