Chile lockdown 86% of its population due to new strains of Covid

Chile´s Government decided to tighten the anti-covid-19 measures already in force after 64 cases of the British strain and 45 of the Brazilian ones were detected out of a total of 7,023 new daily cases of coronavirus were reported. Starting this coming Saturday, mandatory lockdowns are to be imposed on a total 198 communes, affecting around 16 million people, which is tantamount to 86% of the country's population.

Johnson Matthey technology selected for Chile green hydrogen project

Johnson Matthey technology has been selected for a first-of-its-kind green hydrogen production plant in Chile. Working in partnership with a lineup of international companies including Siemens Energy and Porsche, the ‘Haru Oni’ pilot project is expected to yield the world’s first integrated, commercial industrial-scale plant for making synthetic climate-neutral fuels (eFuels). Around 750,000 litres of eFuels will be produced as early as 2022.

Capstone wants to unlock Chile’s ‘vast’ battery-grade cobalt potential

Capstone Mining intends to advance the cobalt project at Santo Domingo in Region III, Chile, to feasibility. According to the company, the production of battery-grade cobalt sulphate at Santo Domingo is expected to significantly add to the copper-iron-gold project and to maximize the recovery of future facing metals from this rich resource. Capstone's plans could represent a great step forward and an example of Chile's potential to become an important cobalt world producer.

Mitsui Mining to sell stake in Collahuasi copper mine in Chile

Japan’s Mitsui Mining and Smelting (MMS) has agreed to offload its 0.97% stake in the Collahuasi copper mine in Chile to its parent company, Japanese trading firm Mitsui & Co.The agreement, which forms part of a business portfolio restructuring, will increase Mitsui’s stake in the Collahuasi mine to 12%. The financial terms of the deal were undisclosed. The deal is planned to be completed by the end of March.