97% of Chile’s population are under total quarantine

More than 16 million people in Chile are under total quarantine due to increasing cases of COVID-19. The measure, which affects 97% of the country's population, was reinforced with the suspension of permits to make purchases, also including the closure of supermarkets and the suspension of the operation of markets throughout the country. The Chilean hospital network is on the verge of collapse, with an occupancy of 95% and the availability of 147 intensive care (ICU) beds.

Chile’s renewables reduce monthly output by 15.3% in February

Chile's renewables produced 1,520 GWh in February, up by 16.1% on the year, according to the latest monthly figures released by Chilean energy commission CNE. This level of production represents a decrease of 15.3% month-on-month, while the renewables share fell from 26.5% in January to 24.6%. The total power production in Chile came at 6,170 GWh in February, down by 8.8% month-on-month and by 3% anually.