Retail sales fell by more than 20% due to quarantines

Compared to the previous week, the results of retail sales between 5 and 11 April show a sharp decline of 21.6% and without supermarkets the drop is 23.7%, reflecting the effects of a week where the restriction on non-essential goods and delivery was in force, reported the National Chamber of Commerce (CNC). In the previous week, from 29 March to 4 April, the fall was 24.6%, excluding supermarkets.

Europe, South American wine traders expect bigger share in China market after anti-dumping duties on Australia

Winemakers from Europe and South America may enter a golden period of development in the Chinese market, the fifth-largest wine consumer in the world and the largest in Asia, after China imposed anti-dumping duties on Australian wine, leaving a 40% market gap to fill. Since March 28 when China's Ministry of Commerce imposed anti-dumping duties on Australian wine, imports from France, Italy, Chile and other markets into China have accelerated significantly.