Third withdrawal: 4.3 million requests have been registered, first payments amount to $3,165 mn

The Superintendency of Pensions delivered a new balance on the third withdrawal of 10% of the pension funds. There were more than 4.3 million requests to access a new retirement savings pension. The first 1,534 payments were registered for a total of $3,165 million, which is equivalent to an average payment of $2,063,000 per person.

Chile postpones 2021 power auction due to COVID-19 lockdown

Chile’s National Energy Commission (CNE) has postponed the 2021 power auction due to the extended lockdown imposed across the Santiago Metropolitan Region to curb the COVID-19 pandemic. The CNE also postponed the submission date for offers to June 25, and rescheduled the remaining steps in the auction timetable. By stretching the submission period, the CNE wanted to ensure adequate participation in the bidding process while complying with health measures.

Concha y Toro’s revenue increased by 8.2% during first quarter of 2021

Viña Concha y Toro has revealed that markets including the UK, Chile and USA drove sales growth in the first quarter of this year. In the first quarter of 2021, revenue increased by 8.2% driven by an overall volume growth of 10.8% which was translated into higher average prices. Net profit for the company was up 87.3%. Concha y Toro revealed that the UK was one of its strongest performing export markets during 2020 with sales volume up 23%.

Chilean kiwi prices increased by 30%

According to Nicolas Damm of Rio Blanco, Chilean kiwis have not been affected by the rains that affected Chile's grape season. There is a higher demand for the kiwis from North America compared to last year. In the past, Chilean kiwis had been seen less favorably in terms of eating quality. Growers have worked hard to overcome that and are growing better fruit. As a result, Chilean kiwi prices are 30% higher.