Retail sales fell by more than 20% due to quarantines

Compared to the previous week, the results of retail sales between 5 and 11 April show a sharp decline of 21.6% and without supermarkets the drop is 23.7%, reflecting the effects of a week where the restriction on non-essential goods and delivery was in force, reported the National Chamber of Commerce (CNC). In the previous week, from 29 March to 4 April, the fall was 24.6%, excluding supermarkets.

Europe, South American wine traders expect bigger share in China market after anti-dumping duties on Australia

Winemakers from Europe and South America may enter a golden period of development in the Chinese market, the fifth-largest wine consumer in the world and the largest in Asia, after China imposed anti-dumping duties on Australian wine, leaving a 40% market gap to fill. Since March 28 when China's Ministry of Commerce imposed anti-dumping duties on Australian wine, imports from France, Italy, Chile and other markets into China have accelerated significantly.

Chile’s Codelco wants arbitration with Ecuador over Llurimagua project

Codelco said it had requested international arbitration with Ecuador and its National Mining Company (Enami EP) over the Llurimagua project. Llurimagua could become the first mine Codelco operates abroad following years of scattershot efforts to expand internationally. The project, about 50 miles (80 km) northeast of Ecuador’s capital of Quito, has faced resistance from a nearby community over environmental concerns.

LATAM Chile Cancels International Flights, Reduces Capacity

The Chilean government has announced new restrictions and lockdowns that took effect April 5. LATAM Airlines Group reported the suspension of its scheduled international flights to and from Chile during April. However, in order to maintain the country’s connectivity, LATAM Chile will maintain a reduced operation during the period of this restriction to allow the repatriation of residents or citizens or foreigners who wish to leave Chile.

Chile, India discuss furthering trade under Partial Scope Agreement

Delegates from Chile and India are discussing furthering bilateral trade under the so-called Partial Scope Agreement (PSA). Authorities from both countries are holding a series of virtual encounters to discuss analyse the opportunities. Among the topics being discussed are market access, rules of origin, sanitary and phytosanitary measures, and technical barriers to trade.