Central Bank Survey of Financial Operators projects CPI to be 0.47% in January

According to the Central Bank's Survey of Financial Operators, traders expect the Central Bank to keep the MPR at its technical minimum (0.5%) for 24 months, then to raise it to 1.25% in January 2023. The Consumer Price Index is expected to be 0.47% in January, which is higher than the previous survey projection (0.3%). For February, the CPI is expected to stay at 0.3% and 0.4% in March.

Brazil’s top Bitcoin exchange will expand to Chile after raising $38 mn

Brazil’s largest Bitcoin exchange, Mercado Bitcoin, has announced plans to expand across Latin America. Chile, Mexico and Argentina are among the jurisdictions it will expand into first. Chile is the fifth-largest Latin American country by peer-to-peer Bitcoin trade volume. The strong P2P trade volume suggest there may be significant demand from local traders that is not met by centralized platforms.

Nano One and AUI project to demonstrate cathode materials production in Chile

Nano One Materials Corp and Associated Universities Inc (AUI) proposed to make nickel-rich cathodes using Chilean lithium carbonate. This proposal was announced as the winning bid by the Corporación de Fomento de la Producción de Chile (CORFO) Council. Now, it has been selected by the Chilean Clean Technology Institute to take its patented One Pot cathode materials production process to Chile.

Chamber passes Fogape 2.0 into law

The Chamber of Deputies passed Fogape 2.0 into law. Fogape 2.0 aims to expand state-guaranteed loans to SMEs amid the devastation caused by the pandemic. One of the changes made by the senate include that the rate to be charged by the bank on an annual basis cannot be higher than the MPR plus 0.6% per month. This translates into a maximum of TPM+7.2% per year.

More than 2.1 million households applied for the IFE and the COVID Bonus

More than 2.1 million households applied for the COVID Emergency Family Income (IFE) and the COVID Bonus during January 8th-18th. According to the government, a total of 2,108,859 applications had been received, leading the Metropolitan Region with 1,001,102 applications, followed by Biobío (280,562); La Araucanía (164,255); Los Lagos (159,428); Los Ríos (82,646) and Valparaíso (79,266).