Survey shows that 58.3% of Chileans feels there is lack of transparency in recruitment process

58.3% of Chileans feels that there is lack of transperency in the recruitment process, according to a study by Laborum with the Diego Portales University. Of the 1,833 responses collected, 52.2% showed that there are doubts regarding the ability of the staff in charge to accurately assess the skills required for a job. 57.7% of those consulted indicated that experts in the recruitment process do not consider exclusively the competencies and professional experiences of the applicants.

Chile’s grape volumes increase

The grape season in Chile started on time this year and due to fortunate weather conditions, the volume and quality are looking good. Chilean grape volumes have increased as well. Rio Blanco project a 10-15% increase in volume due to size recovery. However, the demand for Chilean grapes haven't been very strong. Due to the pandemic, there has been very limited availability for labor this season. 5% of the total volumes have been harvested, so far.

SQM says relations with indigenous communities are improving

SQM is making progress in improving relations with the communities in the north of Chile through several cooperation deals. SQM promised up to $15 million annually to promote sustainable development in the communities. But key indigenous association rejected them, arguing they do not protect the environment. However, the firm's general manager insisted that there is progress and that commitment to the communities is a priority.

Forest fires in Chile destroys over 3,200 ha of land in two Days

The National Emergency Office of the Chilean Ministry of the Interior (ONEMI) reported that 3,230 hectares of land have been consumed by forest fires in the Valparaiso region. According to the National Forestry Corporation (CONAF), the fires are under control but they have not been extinguished. It is a giant perimeter and the main concern is the advance towards the western sector. The other fronts are quite confined and have low spread.

Trade Inventory Index fell by 2.9% in November 2020

The Trade Inventory Index (TIICOM) fell by 2.9% in November 2020, due to the contraction of the three divisions that make up the index, with wholesale trade (division 46) being the most affected, with -1.410 percentage points (pp.). Automobile trade (Division 45) and retail trade (Division 47) showed a monthly decline in inventories, with -1.247 pp. and -0.234 pp. respectively influencing the change in the index.

Chile passes Energy Efficiency Law, aiming at a 10% reduction in consumption by 2030

Chile passed an Energy Efficiency Law. This law calls for companies to make a rational and efficient use of resources, which practically covers all energy consumption in the country: transportation, industry, mining, residential, public and commercial sectors. The Ministry of Energy will prepare a National Energy Efficiency Plan every five years. The first plan includes a goal to reduce energy intensity by at least 10% by 2030.

Employment subsidies: 48,468 companies have submitted 366,487 workers to the programme

A total of 48,468 companies have applied for 366,487 workers for the employment subsidy programme. 30% of these workers applied for the "return to work" subsidy, and 70% for the "new hires" subsidy. The programme aims to encourage new hiring and to allow suspended workers to return to their jobs. The programme has a budget of $2 billion to benefit 1.3 million workers.

Third shipment of COVID-19 vaccine arrives in Chile

A new shipment of 88,725 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine arrived in Chile from Belgium to continue with the immunization plan the government has put in place. This shipment is the third after another two that arrived in recent weeks with a cumulative 21,000 doses. The government plans to vaccinate 15 million people identified within the target population in the first half of 2021.

Carsol expects a positive blueberry season, with 21.9% of the fields in Chile

General manager of CarSol Fruit SA, Álvaro Prieto, is expecting a positive blueberry season. The blueberry harvest in Ñuble began in December and will run through March. There are 4.023 hectares in the region, which represents 21.9% of the national total. According to Prieto, Asia is the market with the greatest growth potential for Chile.