Brazil’s top Bitcoin exchange will expand to Chile after raising $38 mn

Brazil’s largest Bitcoin exchange, Mercado Bitcoin, has announced plans to expand across Latin America. Chile, Mexico and Argentina are among the jurisdictions it will expand into first. Chile is the fifth-largest Latin American country by peer-to-peer Bitcoin trade volume. The strong P2P trade volume suggest there may be significant demand from local traders that is not met by centralized platforms.

Santiago Stock Exchange and S&P Dow Jones launch sustainable index that includes 26 local companies

S&P Dow Jones Indices and the Santiago Stock Exchange, announced the launch of a new indicator based on sustainability factors of local market share issuers. This is the "S&P IPSA ESG Tilte", a new family index that encompasses the ESG principles (environmental, social and governance) and includes some of the most relevant papers of the Chilean stock exchange, such as Copec, Falabella, Cencosud and SQM.

Sernac: Nearly 4 million people compensated for more than $55 mn in 2020

The National Consumer Service (Sernac) revealed that nearly 4 million people were compensated with more than CH$40 billion ($55.39 million) in 2020. According to Sernac, nearly CH$30 billion ($41.55 million) was obtained as a result of collective voluntary procedures that seek to achieve compensation without having to wait for long trials. On the other hand, the institution made three compromises in 2020, achieving the historic figure of more than CH$11.39 billion ($15.77 million) in compensation.

More than 2.1 million households applied for the IFE and the COVID Bonus

More than 2.1 million households applied for the COVID Emergency Family Income (IFE) and the COVID Bonus during January 8th-18th. According to the government, a total of 2,108,859 applications had been received, leading the Metropolitan Region with 1,001,102 applications, followed by Biobío (280,562); La Araucanía (164,255); Los Lagos (159,428); Los Ríos (82,646) and Valparaíso (79,266).

Payments for first and second 10% withdrawals amount to $32.7 bn

A new balance of the first and second withdrawals from the pension funds reveals that $32.709 billion has been paid out. With regard to the first 10%, a total of 10,500,414 affiliates opted to apply for part of their pension savings, of which 97.5% have already been paid out. As for the second withdrawal, there were 7,166,708 requests, of which 95.1% have already received the corresponding amount.

Consumer confidence falls 12 points to July levels

Consumer confidence fell by 12 points from a very pessimistic level to an extraordinarily pessimistic one, reaching 67 points, its lowest level since July. According to the Consumer Perception Index (Ipeco) developed by the Centro de Estudios de la Universidad del Desarrollo (UDD), what most influenced this result was the confidence in the future (expectation index), which registered a marked decline of 15.2 points.

Trade Inventory Index fell by 2.9% in November 2020

The Trade Inventory Index (TIICOM) fell by 2.9% in November 2020, due to the contraction of the three divisions that make up the index, with wholesale trade (division 46) being the most affected, with -1.410 percentage points (pp.). Automobile trade (Division 45) and retail trade (Division 47) showed a monthly decline in inventories, with -1.247 pp. and -0.234 pp. respectively influencing the change in the index.

Senate passes FOGAPE 2.0 that extends transitional extension to December 2021

The Senate passed the bill to amend the Guarantee Fund for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (Fogape). The legal text extends the current transitional extension -from 100,000 UF ($3.9 million) to 1,000,000 UF ($39.4 million)- to 31 December 2021, with respect to the maximum annual net sales, established as a requirement to allow entrepreneurs access to the Fund's guarantee.

Employment subsidies: 48,468 companies have submitted 366,487 workers to the programme

A total of 48,468 companies have applied for 366,487 workers for the employment subsidy programme. 30% of these workers applied for the "return to work" subsidy, and 70% for the "new hires" subsidy. The programme aims to encourage new hiring and to allow suspended workers to return to their jobs. The programme has a budget of $2 billion to benefit 1.3 million workers.