Enel plans new 500MW bifacial solar project in Atacama

Chile’s green regulator SEA is to consider Enel’s proposals for a 498MW new PV pipeline in the Atacama Desert region of Antofagasta, according to recently submitted plans. Enel wants to deploy a first 317MW plant known as the Taltal PV project, with total investment pegged at around $350 million. In addition, Enel is proposing to add yet another PV installation to its Lalackama complex, also in the commune of Taltal by Atacama’s Pacific Ocean coastline.

Colbún aims to build $788mn solar park in Antofagasta

Chilean power provider Colbún has applied for environmental approval to build the 788 MW Planta Fotovoltaica Inti Pacha project in in the municipality of María Elena, Tocopilla province, in the northern region of Antofagasta. The power plant would be built in three different units – Inti Pacha 1 (IP1), Inti Pacha 2 (IP2) and Inti Pacha 3 (IP3). The planned investment for the project has been estimated at $788 million.