Piñera appeals for peace after Viña del Mar clashes

Chile President Sebastián Piñera called on Chileans to help the country “live in peace” ahead of an anticipated fresh outbreak of protests in March. On Sunday, the annual music festival in Viña del Mar saw police clash with hooded protesters outside the heavily fortified event. Cars were torched and a well-known hotel (Hotel O’Higgins) vandalised. A Cadem poll showed that 85% of business leaders felt Chile was moving in the “wrong direction”, and 99% believed March would bring further polarisation.

Russia blocks import of Chilean salmon

Russian health authorities banned the entry of salmon from most Chilean processing plants due to the alleged excess presence of oxytetracycline. The fishing companies deny the allegation and say they look forward to a soon reestablishment of their exports to Russia that in 2018 reached $447 million. Sebastián Piñera's government say two senior officials are scheduled to travel to Mosc0w next week to discuss the issue.

‘The Chacao Bridge is going to be built’, Sebastián Piñera

"The Chacao Bridge is going to be built and will allow to extend our country by more than 200 kilometres, joining the continent with the wonderful island of Chiloé," said the Chile president Sebastián Piñera during a visit to Puerto Montt. He acknowledged that there were discrepancies between the government and Hyundai, the firm that leads the consortium in charge of construction, but said the issue was resolved.